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My name is Vanesa Castán Broto and I am a Professor of Climate Urbanism at the Urban Institute (UI) of the University of Sheffield.


Climate urbanism

"Climate Urbanism could be anything" (Reviewer 2)


Climate urbanism is the hypothesis that climate change is redrawing the collective imaginaries of the city.

At the UI, the theme 'climate urbanism' has brought together an interdisciplinary team of scholars focusing on how climate politics play out at the local level. The theme raises questions in relation to spatial inequalities, day-to-day practices, social economies and innovation. It also calls for alternatives to deliver climate action—from participatory planning to climate activism.

Meet the climate urbanism group at the University of Sheffield HERE

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Three research angles


Urban Politics

I am working on a framework to understand the impact of international narratives of climate action on the ground and how they shape practices of urban governance.


Societal transition

I am fascinated by the complex ways in which climate innovations rearrange technologies and social practices, and often with unintended consequences.


Action on-the-ground

It is difficult to know what to do, let alone understand the full consequences of climate action. Intersectional, antiracist, collaborative approaches offer alternatives.

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