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Urban Energy Landscapes

Vanesa Castán Broto, University of Sheffield

Cambridge University Press, April 2019

ISBN: 9781108419420

The urban energy transition represents a transformation of such magnitude that it will require a re-examination of the fundamental relationship between societies and energy resources. The urban energy transition depends on specific urban trajectories and heterogeneous urban energy landscapes. Looking at in-depth case studies of urban energy landscapes in four major cities, this book calls for citizens' active engagement with experimentation in everyday life.


Urban Sustainability and Justice

Vanesa Castán Broto and Linda Westman, University of Sheffield

ZED Books, December 2019

ISBN: 9781786994929

This feminist reading of just sustainabilities principles aims to reclaim sustainability as a progressive discourse to inform action on the ground. Our aim was to  reach an audience of committed activists who wanted to connect their work to international efforts to deliver environmental justice in cities around the world. We draw on a comparative analysis of sustainability initiatives in over 200 cities but found limited evidence of the implementation of just sustainabilities principles in practice. We nevertheless found that delivering a justice-oriented urban agenda is feasible, as shown in many examples from around the world.


An Urban Politics of Climate Change

Harriet Bulkeley, Vanesa Castán Broto and Gareth A.S. Edwards

​Routledge, October 2014

ISBN: 9781138791107

This book provides an account of urban responses to climate change that moves beyond the boundary of municipal institutions to critically examine the governing of climate change in the city as a matter of both public and private authority. The book engages with the ways in which climate action is bound up with the politics and practices of urban infrastructure. The book draws on cases from multiple cities in both developed and emerging economies providing new insight into the potential and limitations of urban responses to climate change, as well as new conceptual direction for our understanding of the politics of environmental governance.

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