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Societal transitions


The project CESET (Community Energy and the Sustainable Transition in Ethiopia, Malawi and Mozambique) analyses the role that community energy will play in creating sustainable energy futures. The project delivers a feminist, intersectional lens to understand how community energy is deployed and with what consequences for the people in those communities.

​The project is funded by the Global Challenges Research Fund from 2020 to 2024.

Visit CESET's website by clicking on the logo below


Most of my current work emerges from the three projects above, but some outputs emerged from previous work or other collaborative projects. For example:

The project Urbanising in Place: Building the Food-Water-Energy Nexus from Below is a project from the Sustainable Urbanisation Global Initiative (SUGI) Food-Water-Energy Nexus, jointly established by the Belmont Forum and the Joint Programming Initiative Urban Europe. It focuses the potential of agroecological urbanism in four cities.

​The project Sustainable Energy Access in Mozambique- Socio-political Factorst in Conflict-Ladden Urban Areas, was funded by the British Academy (2016-2018), via the Sustainable Development 2016 Programme. Its objective was to understand the political economy of energy in the country and how impacted on people's lives.


​​​The project Mapping Urban Energy Landscapes, funded by the Economic and Social Research Council (2013-2016), sought to develop spatial understandings of human relationships with energy.

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