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"Harnessing the environmental value of urbanization requires a more participatory approach to planning.

An intersectional approach is thus key to understanding the needs and concerns of different groups."

​UN-Habitat's 2020 World Cities Report: The Value of Sustainable Urbanization

The 2020 World Cities Report focuses on understanding the intrinsic value of sustainable urbanization. The report concludes that citizens are cities' most important resource.

My contribution to the report was drafting Chapter 4 on 'The environmental value of sustainable urbanization' for which I reviewed the value of urban greening projects, alongside emerging concerns about their unintended consequences and impact on urban inequality.


Read the 2020 WCR

"Innovation cannot be embraced for its own sake and instead must respond to genuine needs— first and foremost the need for more liveable cities for all as embedded in SDGs."

UN-Habitat 2016 World Cities Report: Urbanization and Development - Emerging Futures

The 2016 World Cities Report sought to take stock of the New Urban Agenda, and draw future insights on its implementation. 

My contribution was drafting Chapter 5 on environmental trends and challenges. I built on the Just Sustainabilities literature as a means to guide forms of urban planning that grow from within environmental activists practices.


Read the 2016 WCR

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